Legal information concerning our property in Canada

Building potential of lake shore lots is guaranteed. However, there is no construction obligation!

As the owner of the lake shore lot or a property in Canada you can sell, give away, bequest and also encumber it where appropriate with the record in the real estate register at any time.

We provide clear legal security without obscure legal language like time sharing or any forms of right of use.

We also offer help with all necessary contacts with authorities, public offices as well as customer consultancy and continuous customer support. We are also prepared to build your dream house on your lakeside property in Nova Scotia, Canada, or to provide our good contacts.

We are owners of the offered properties in Canada which allows us to eliminate brokerage commission. The price includes all costs and fees arising to the point of ownership rights registration. The execution of the contract is carried out by the lawyer or trustee in Innsbruck.

Our partners in legal matters also can support you

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Andrew S. Nickerson Q.C.


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All stated prices of our properties in Nova Scotia, Canada, are all-inclusive, i.e. they include

  • Measuring,
  • Road building and connection to electricity,
  • Value-added tax,
  • Land transfer tax,
  • Lawyer fees including trusteeship and
    Ownership rights registration in Canadian Land Registry